Lisa Reitzel is the go-to health spokesperson for your next company workshop.

For over 20 years, companies have utilized health and wellness programs.  The result…enormous cost savings, increased productivity and happier employees.  Employers are committed to excellent employee health because healthy motivated people perform better.  Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, fit employees can deal more easily with stressful situations and are less susceptible to illness and injuries.  Park Fitness would love to partner with your company to provide customized programs.

Onsite Wellness Workshops and Lunch & Learns on various topics are available:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Getting Motivated
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • De-Stressing
  • Onsite Chair Massages

Detailed Wellness Programs are also available for your company:

  • 8 Week Weight Loss Challenges
  • Incentive Programs to Keep Employees Moving or Motivated
  • Assistance with Employee Appreciation days and Health Fairs

Orange County  Property Appraiser Biggest Loser Challenge:

Orange County Property Appraisals is  a perfect example of a company encouraging their employees to take better care of their health. This past January, Park Fitness assisted in implementing a 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge.  Bi-weekly weigh ins, measurements , a nutritional seminar and  guest passes  were provided by Park Fitness to keep the participants motivated along their journey.  Employee Jeff Smith decided to begin this challenge by joining Park Fitness.  His results are outstanding and here is his story…

Jeff-Smith“I joined Park Fitness in January 2014. I have lost 27 pounds in two months, going from a 38″ waist down to a 36″ waist! i jog in the mornings and try to come to as many Park Fitness classes as I can during my lunch break when I am at the office. I see results weekly so it motivates me to come back and try harder. I would highly recommend Park Fitness to my co-workers, it is close, clean, and has nice equipment. The classes in my opinion are what separate this gym from a big chain gym. I like the small classes that get the job done in less than 45 minutes.”


Health Fair – 2014

► Group Fitness Classes
Group Fitness has the power to change lives on both a physical and mental level. At Park Fitness, we firmly believe that health and fitness is not a “one size fits’ all proposition. That’s why we developed a wide range of programs to custom suit your needs and goals.
► Personal Training
Whether you want to lose weight, look better, feel healthier, or improve performance our Certified Trainers are dedicated to helping you maximize your results. Start your journey today!
► Wellness @ Work
Get a well-rounded exercise program right at work. Partake in our Lunch and Learn Seminars, Wellness Challenges and Massage Therapy!
► New Member Jump Start
Enjoy our introductory group class when you register your membership. This total body workout will put you on the track to a healthier happier you!