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I’ve been a member of Park Fitness for 2 years. I was not consistently working out nor always eating healthy. Since joining Park Fitness 2 years ago I have lost 20 pounds and 5 percent of body fat, I have increased by strength and endurance. I have noticed a big difference in my running, I have a lot more stamina now. I also have maintained a much healthier eating lifestyle which I enjoy and I really don’t miss that piece of chocolate cake. I have participated in the lunch time classes for 2 years now consisting of core, kettle bell, yoga, power cuts and cardio drills. I also participated in one 8-week session of Tabata and have done a few TRX classes. The fact that Park Fitness is in the building is huge and easy, Lisa keeps everyone motivated and encouraged. Once you begin to see results you want to continue to see more. I would definitely recommend Park Fitness and have. For one you cannot beat the price and the rewards you get. Lisa is a phenomenal instructor and takes a personal interest in everyone’s accomplishments and goals.