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I joined Park Fitness in September of 2013. Since I joined Park Fitness I have lost over 45lbs. I’ve lost inches and toned up. I’ve noticed that my body has transformed significantly and my energy levels are through the roof. Some exercises that were difficult before, now are more routine.
Park Fitness has become a second home to me. Most weeks I work out 5 days a week. At Park I have participated in the Core, Kettle Bell and Cardio Drills workout classes as well as the 8 week Get Fit Program. I’ve found Park Fitness to be convenient, fun and motivating. The classes are fun and challenging. I like that the classes are constantly changing integrating new exercises.
Working out with Lisa has helped me learn how to exercise muscles and other parts of the body that I would not usually workout on my own. She also pushes me to a next level of workout that increases my fat burning and muscle building process.